Why Therapy?

There are times when our thoughts and emotions can feel overwhelming and impossible to get through – grief that feels like it will never end, unrelenting fear, anxiety, depression or relationship issues that seem unsolvable.

These feelings can be triggered by a recent traumatic event, or they can build over time for no obvious reason. Sometimes, we can feel trapped, unable to cope and with no way out of the emotional turmoil we find ourselves in.

Therapy is about gently and carefully unravelling this tangle of thoughts and feelings so that you can see more clearly. It is about being in a confidential space where you feel truly heard and understood and in which you feel safe enough to open up and explore more deeply. 

By understanding yourself, your situation and how it came to be, the way forward should become much clearer and more manageable. You will find different ways to look at things, cope and eventually thrive.

©Nathalie Skelton

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